About us

We were born in 1992. Our goal is to develop and implement systems and solutions for managing production, stock and traceability of the industry in general.” Our strong vocation to create innovative solutions detected the different unsatisfied needs of the refrigeration industry. By developing a comprehensive information system, Twins Informática became the leading company in its field within the industry.

“We currently have more than 60 plants installed in more than 30 clients”

We have a variety of solutions that adapt to various industries, thanks to the team of multidisciplinary professionals, motivating us to develop solutions for companies in different areas, such as the food, textile and metallurgical industry, which need to have control and circuits and interfaces with others systems.

We are flexible and we adapt to the different realities of our potential clients to implement a comprehensive plant management solution, and generate a powerful reporting engine that includes information from different databases.

“We are sure to generate the most efficient tools that exist in the market”